20 Combinatorial Forecasts

The Technology Horizon

The future of technology is an unfamiliar territory ...

This technology horizon map is designed to help you anticipate the future of combinatorial innovations emerging at the intersection of distinct territories. Use this map to visualize the whole range of innovations and see the bigger picture—a more interconnected technology landscape.

The map presents 20 new innovative combinatorial forecasts you can use to navigate the future as it unfolds. Each of these forecasts—such as the microbiome mediates the war on germs, thinking and feeling become quantifiable, biomanufacturing unites mother nature with the man-made, and 17 more!—is built on a range of enabling technologies and newly opening possibilities. 

We invite you to think big and draw insights from the 20 Combinatorial Forecasts map. Read through all the forecasts; take a step back and imagine yourself or your organization in this fascinating new landscape. What are the new opportunities for you? What are the emerging challenges?

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