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How to Use Seeds of Disruption

Mapping How Technology is Remaking the Future of Food

This map is a dynamic tool for starting conversations about how technologies can be used to close important gaps in the food system. You can move map elements, add new insights, zoom out to see the entire picture, or dive into a particular area. This research-based tool will help your organization, classroom, and community find inspiration remake the future of the food system.

Exploring the Interactive Map

Start by hovering over one of the 5 EXPERIENCE bubbles to learn about the Core Strategy for each. When you rollover a bubble on the map, a preview of information will pop-up; click on the bubble to view details within the map.

Connected to each EXPERIENCE is a DISRUPTION or two (technological disruptions pointing to new paths forward), as well as a STRAIN OF UNCERTAINTY (wild card events with low probability but potential for high impact). SIGNALS provide signs from today for each.

  • POP-UPS:
    Hover over a bubble to see a preview of related content in a small pop-up, then click on the bubble to see details in a larger pop-up box.

  • ZOOM:
    Click the magnifying glasses at the top of the map to zoom in and out.

  • SHARE:
    Click on the network icon in the toolbar to share the map via Twitter, Facebook, or Email. You can also click on the network icon in an individual pop-up to share.

    Click on the RSS icon in the top toolbar to receive map update notifications.

    Click on down arrow in the toolbar to download a PDF of the full map.

    Click the 4-arrow button to view the map on your entire screen, outside of your web browser window.

  • RESET:
    Click the circular arrow button at any time to reset the map to its default size and position.