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Seeds of Disruption Map

Human experience is deeply rooted in food—in the cycle of human activity that includes food production, distribution, manufacturing, shopping, and finally, eating. This cycle shapes our daily lives at work and at rest, in politics and in play, in our bodies and in our imaginations.

Forecast Perspectives

  • OVERVIEW | Remaking Food Experiences
    Technologies create bold new possibilities, but it's people—their tastes and values—that determine which possibilities become reality
  • SATISFACTION Personalized Cravings
    High-resolution biology ushers in a new science of food satisfaction
  • CONVENIENCE Rethinking Shopping
    Just-in-time delivery transforms consumer understandings of convenience
  • FRESHNESS | Quantifying Peak Flavors
    New technologies augment freshness and flavor experiences across the food chain
  • SUSTAINABILITY | Outsourcing Intent
    Food production keeps pace with other aspects of sustainability